Thursday, August 14, 2014

Feeling Beachy

I don't want fall to arrive...
Well, at least not yet.  Don't get me wrong, fall is my favorite season.  You know how people get spring fever?  Well, I get fall fever.  It's not only the fashion that I love most about fall, (is there anything better then throwing on that cozy sweater for the first time?) but it's also football Sundays, pumpkin picking, and baking apple pies that make fall so enjoyable.  However, my summer has just begun.  The month of June was mostly spent on my couch since I was so big I could barely walk, forget about being outside in the heat, and July was spent inside with newborns.  Now that it is mid August I am finally able to enjoy the sunshine, and can't get enough of sundresses and jean shorts.  So here is some beach inspiration as that's where I'll hopefully be enjoying every minute we have left of summer.  

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