Tuesday, November 11, 2014

The Fanny Pack

I have to admit, I've been loving the return of the fanny pack (or should I be more chic and call it the belt bag?).  But today, instead of your typical nylon bulky bag, the new breed of fanny packs are sleek and stylish, and worn as belts to complete an outfit.  What I love most is the functionality of being hands free, and being a mom to twins, I can't think of a better bag.  Perfect when running quick errands with my boys when a diaper bag isn't needed, or for those of you who still have social lives, great for a night out dancing or the approaching holiday parties.  Imagine having both hands free for that glass of Rose', a plate of appetizers and your cell phone.  On another note, who wouldn't want a Chanel wrapped around their waist?

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