Thursday, February 26, 2015

Tobey Grey Black Dress and Stripes

If you don't know that my favorite store, Tobey Grey, now has their own clothing line, rightly named Tobey Grey, then its time that you do.  The store, which carries a lot of my favorite labels (Iro, Parker, Frame, and J Brand to name a few), came out with their own label about two years ago, and I love it!  Not only does Tobey Grey make the best t-shirts (seriously, they are so soft and I just bought some new ones for my Florida trip), but I also love their dresses and tops. 

I bought this Tobey Grey dress a few months ago, and I can't believe I hadn't worn it yet.  Made of stretch jersey, it is probably the most comfortable dress I own.  I love the asymmetrical hem, and the ruching detail makes it very flattering.  I decided to wear it with a big cozy sweater, giving it a daytime look, but it would also be the perfect dress worn alone for a date or night out on the town.

Dress: Tobey Grey// Sweater: Vince (old, similar here and here)// Tights: Hue // Boots: Zara// Bag: Romygold// Sunnies: House of Harlow// Earrings: BaubleBar// Necklace; Sarah Chloe

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Tuesday, February 24, 2015

How To Wear A LWD In Winter

Is February over with yet? 

 I've been feeling unmotivated and uninspired this month.  Between losing my grandfather, the anniversary of my father's death, the bitter cold, and all the snow we're buried in, its been a tough one.  Although I usually love getting dressed and heading out with the twins, these past weeks have mostly been spent at home wearing leggings and big sweaters.  This past Sunday the sun came out and temps were in the 30's (it felt like spring here in Boston).  For the first time in days, I had a smile on my face, and the urge to pull out a little white dress (LWD) and get out of the house.

The LWD is a staple everyone should have in their closet along with the LBD.  Whether it's a classic fitted shift, or a sweet lace one, the white dress is an easy throw on that adds a little cheer on a dreary day.  White lace will be prominent this spring, as it was shown in a lot of the spring/summer collections, and I was happy to pull this dress out of my closet.  Wearing this dress gave me hope for a new month, and spring weather right around the corner.  However, since it's still  the dead of winter, I made it appropriate to wear now by adding a black leather jacket and tights, then  finishing the look with booties.  I also think flat over the knee boots would look great with this outfit.

 I want to apologize for the lack of outfit posts.  Between the bitter cold temps and all the snow, it's been hard to get outside and shoot.  Especially when you have to lug around two babies with you!  I'm heading to Florida next week (can't wait) and am excited to shoot some great content there.  I'm also praying then when I return  most of the snow will be gone..... I know, wishful thinking.

White Dress: Aqua (last year) very similar here and here// Leather Jacket: Veda// Tights: Hue// Bag: Foley + Corinna// Boots: Sam Edelman// Necklaces: Sarah ChloeGorjana// Ring: Melanie Auld// Hand Chain: Gorjana// Earings: BaubleBar

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Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Obsession of the Week: Saint Laurent Suede Fringe Skirt

I first saw this Saint Laurent skirt about two months ago, and haven't been able to stop thinking about it. I am obsessing over everything fringe this spring, and love the subtlety of the fringe detail.   I can see it styled now with a tailored blouse and knee high boots, and then in the spring with a boho top and booties, perfect for Coachella.  And, as we're seeing in the fall/winter 2015 collections, 70's and fringe will still have a big presence (yay, insert clapping emoji here), making this skirt perfect for seasons to come.

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Thursday, February 12, 2015

Valentine's Day Outfit Ideas

Does everyone have plans for Valentine's Day?  This is Mike and my first year with kids, so I think we'll be staying home.  Even though a date night sounds nice, I'll be just as happy having a nice dinner in, and enjoy a movie with my boys.  Not to mention we are expecting another big snow storm Saturday night.  Aahhh, I can't take the snow anymore!  Although Valentine's Day is not my favorite holiday, I do love any excuse to dress up and get flowers and chocolates!  Because I didn't have time to shoot any Valentine's Day looks this past weekend, or this week because of the snow, I thought I'd share some looks I found while shopping online.  Whether you're thinking of wearing a dress for a night out, or just want to hang in jeans, as I'll be doing this year, here is some outfit inspiration, just in case you still haven't decided on what to wear.

If you're going the dress route, I'm loving the ones above as they are sexy and romantic.  I love the girlie and romantic feel from the For Love & Lemons floral dress.  You can keep it feminine by adding a classic pump, or edge it up a bit with a leather jacket and booties.  There is nothing sexier than a little black dress, and I'm loving the two piece and lace ones above.  I actually own the DVF dress in navy and have worn it SO much!  I also love the idea of wearing whites and light pinks for Valentines Day, and the cut out details on the Ronny Kobo dress makes it sexy and feminine.  The pink Free People dress has a feminine lace front, but the back is open, upping the sex appeal!

If you choose to take the more comfortable route by wearing jeans, like I am this year, then adding some pops of red and lace will add that Valentine touch.  I love the idea of a cozy t-shirt with a little lace underneath peeking through.  Perfect for a cozy night in.  If you're planning on wearing jeans out, adding a silk top and fun pump will make the perfect outfit.

Whether you're celebrating with you husband, boyfriend, significant other, or best friend, I hope everyone has a great holiday and weekend. 

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Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Blending With The Snow

Will it ever stop snowing?  I'm starting to feel claustrophobic with all of the snow we've received here in Boston.  The city's been coated with 62 inches since January 15th, and is expected to get more on Friday!  On top of all the snow, it's been freezing!  So what's the best way to keep warm?  With a big puffy coat.  I've had this one from Elie Tahari for almost five years and it is still my favorite.  It's the warmest coat I've owned, and although it's a big, it's not overwhelming.  Some puffers tend to make you look wide, but this one is slimming, and the ruffle hem give it a dressier look, so I can wear it dressed as well as casual.  These North Face boots have also gotten me through the past five winters. I've forgone the Sorel route, as I can't seem to part with them.  Not only are they super comfortable, but I love their brown color with my off white coat.  I thought I'd change up my look by wearing earmuffs instead of a hat.  I got these in Killinton, Vt, and love how warm they keep my ears.  A nice change when you have to wear hats every day. 

 Now, is it spring yet??

Denim: Paige Denim// Sweater: Tobey Grey// Coat: Elie Tahari (old, but newer version here and here, and loving this coat here) // Boots: The North Face// Necklace: House of Harlow// Bracelets: Vita FedeLove From Venus// Ring: Melanie Auld// Sunnies: House of Halorw// Earmuffs:old (similar here)

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Monday, February 9, 2015


Night playing and sledding in the snow// Having a toast to my sister, her husband, and my grandfather// Tyler watching the snow// Mason sitting in a highchair for the first time at a restaurant// Keeping warm in my earmuffs and oversize plaid scarf.

Happy Monday.  I hope everyone had a good weekend.  I had a very sad one, as I had to say goodbye to my grandfather.  He passed away early last week, and his funeral was Friday up in Vermont.  It was a tough day, but I kept reminding myself of how lucky I was to have him in my life for as long as I did.  The rest of the weekend was spent with my family in Vermont, reminiscing about all the good times we shared with our Poppa T, as we called him.  In times of sadness, there is nothing more cheering than spending time with your loved ones.  We kept busy by visiting one of our favorite restaurants in Killington, Sushi Yoshi, playing in the snow, night sledding, and of course enjoying cocktails and comfort food around the fire.  It was also my sister and her husband's fifth wedding anniversary this past weekend, so we made sure to have a toast to them too!  It was freezing up in Vermont, so I made sure to stay warm in my over sized scarves and earmuffs (coming soon to the blog).  

Most of these photos are from Instagram.  You can follow me @thomasrachael

The boys and I have also been loving Snapchat.  For little glimpses of our everyday life you can follow us at Rach480 (Rachael Thomas)

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Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Twin Boys 7 Months: Tips I've Learned While Raising Twins

Yesterday, my babies turned seven months old!  I know I sound like a broken record, but gosh, time is going by so fast.  Each month gets better and better, but there is a little part of me that wants time to slow down, because before you know it, I won't have little babies anymore.  Since it was just last week that I did an update on the products we love (read it here), I thought I'd share some tips on raising twins instead.  I am by no means an expert, but thought I'd share some tips I've learned along the way.  And if anyone has tips for me, as always, I would love to hear them!

Jeans and sweaters: Baby Gap

 1. Get twins on the same schedule.  This is probably the best advice that I was given, and the best I can give.  I have my boys on the same feeding and sleeping schedule.  This is hard to do with newborns, but being consistent has paid off.  If one baby woke up for a feeding, I made sure to wake the other (except when Tyler started to sleep through the night, I didn't wake him, so I only had to get up for one baby).  It also isn't the easiest thing to feed two babies at once, but the time you save will be well worth it. To do this I usually prop up one bottle and hold the other.  (When I was breast feeding, I would feed one right after the other).  I also put them down for naps at the same time, even if one baby doesn't seem tired.  Usually they both end up falling asleep within 10-15 minutes.  There are days when one (mainly Tyler) won't take his morning nap, which makes them off schedule from each other, and I end up attending to them non stop all day, and it's exhausting.  Having them take naps together gives me time to myself whether I want to work out, shower, or work on my blog, and gives me some sanity too :)

2. Say yes to help.  I thought this would be hard for me since I'm the kind of person that likes things done my way (I still won't let Mike wash the dishes or bottles because I'm afraid he won't do a good enough job.  I know, I'm a little crazy, but there is only so much you can control, and if mine is knowing my babies have clean bottles, so be it).  I don't have help on a daily basis, but when someone offers, whether it's my mom wanting to get them dressed, or a friend holding a baby when we are at a party, or someone offering to feed them (my niece is a great help at this) I always say yes.  It's funny how no one offers to change their diapers, ha!  Even if it's the littlest task, it ends up being a little less that I have to do that day, which adds up to make a big difference.

3. Make time to be with each child separately.  When I was pregnant, like every other pregnant women out there, I got an earful of advice.  I had one woman, who is a mother to four kids, two which are twins, tell me that I should have a third so I can experience that special bond you have with a baby that you won't get with twins.  Well, I was taken aback.  How can someone say something like that to a first time expecting mom?  Now that I have my twins, I know where she was coming from.  You don't get a lot of time for those one-on-one moments because there are always two babies to take care of.  When the twins were new borns, it was hard to cuddle with both at once because they needed a lot of support when being held.  Therefor, I mostly held one at a time, and when sharing that time between two, you do lose some of those bonding moments.  Same when feeding them, I could only hold one at a time, and for newborns, feeding is a huge bonding moment between a baby and a mother.  Not fully feeling that bond was the one thing I did complain about to my friends.  However, as they grow older, I do feel that bond growing deeper.  Because of this, I read that it's good to do activities with one baby at a time.  Although, we don't do it very often, there are times when I'll take one of the boys to the beach, and Mike will take one when running errands.  This allows us to spend more one-on-one time connecting with the boys.  Plus, being a twin myself, I know how important it is to get some separation and independence from your twin.

4. Embrace their differences.  Like any other normal human being, it's hard to not compare your child with that of someone else.  Having a friend's baby who is already crawling when yours can barely push up on his arms, makes you wonder if your child is developing at a healthy rate.  Well, same goes when you have twins.  My boys are so different, and while one is ready to crawl, the other is ready to talk.  At their six month appointment I told their doctor how concerned I was because Mason is rolling all over the place and is about to start crawling, while Tyler loves to just lay on his back.  Because I was comparing them, I thought something was wrong with Tyler for being behind.  It turns out that Mason was actually a little ahead for his age and Tyler was right where he should be.  They are two different babies, so of course they will hit milestones at different times, and have different strengths.  Now I embrace their differences, as each day brings something new.

5. Make me time.  This is really for any mom, not just for twins, and goes a little hand in hand with saying yes to help.  Because I'm with the twins all the time, once in a while I need a little break.  So whether it's getting dinner with my sister or girlfriends, Going upstairs or in another room to read for an hour, or something as simple as a long, hot shower, that time away will help revive you.  The more you take care of yourself, the better mom you can be to your babies.

Again, these are things I've learned that have helped me along the way.  If you have any tips or advice for me, I'd love to hear it!  Also, I will be taking the boys to Florida by myself next month and would love tips for traveling.  I'll have plenty of help once I'm there as I'm visiting family, and my sister will be on the plane with me, but she'll have her hands full with her two kids.  Since it will be the first time I'll be taking the boys on a plane I would greatly appreciate any advice on traveling with two eight month olds.


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Monday, February 2, 2015

What I Wore Game Day

Did everyone watch the Super Bowl last night?  My Patriots were playing so of course I was watching... plus I always love watching the commercials.  So exciting the Patriots won!  This is what I wore yesterday for my Sunday Funday and game day.  Of course, we were stuck at home for the big game because my poor baby is sick.  Friday morning Mason woke up with a fever, so we went to the doctor where they diagnosed him with the  the flu.  Poor guy.  He's doing a lot better now, and luckily Tyler hasn't caught it yet.  We're all on Tamiflu in our house, so hopefully the rest of us will stay healthy.  Back to my outfit, I love this retro Patriots shirt.  I threw it on with my favorite distressed Citizens of Humanity jeans (highly recommend them, and thinking of getting them in this light wash here) and a cozy cardigan.  

Jeans: Citizens of Humanity// Top: Retro Sport (old, but similar here and here)// Sweater: old (similar herehere and here)// Boots: H&M// Beanie: Plush// Sunnies: House of Harlow// Bracelets: Vita FedeStella & Dot// Necklace: Sarah Chloe

We're having another snow day here in the Boston area, and expected to get another foot.  That's February for you!  Hope everyone in New England stays warm.  If you're stuck at home, my favorite store, Tobey Grey, if having 40% off your entire purchase online!  The offer is good for today and tomorrow (February 2nd and 3rd).  Use code "SNOW" at checkout.

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